The dental office of Dr. Martine Levy is a Rishon Le Zion in the suburbs of Tel Aviv..
The firm is known for its experience in implantology and prothèses

The majority of staff is french.

Effected Cares

  1. General Dentistry conventional.
  2. Scaling and oral hygiene
  3. Pedodontics (Care for Children)
  4. Implantology
  5. Prosthesis (fixed and removable implant)
  6. Cosmetic Dentistry( Whitening, Restoration aesthetic, metal-free crowns, aesthetic device has hooks, Facets)

Dr Martine Levy

Dr. Martine Levy center manager is a graduate of FRANCE (1981) perform in Israel since 83.
She is also responsible for a dental center has the Kupat Rolim Meouredet for over ten years.

  Dr. Martine Levy center manager

Implants in Israël

Israel is the country or the number of implants per capita is highest in the world.
Hence the experience in this field and the relatively affordable cost of treatment.

tel aviv


Dr. Daniella Blinder French dentist and a graduate in Surgery (Dental University Tel Aviv), perform part of surgical treatment. .

The prosthetic phase is performed by Dr. Martine Levy, who owns more than 20 years of experience in this field.

Comfort and serenity during care

The clinic is a point of honor to bring maximum comfort to the patient during care ( reduction of anxiety and pain ).
The aesthetic is also its strength working with two laboratories whose professionalism is recognized.