Our Team

Consisting of friendly people and vibrant, the entire team contributes to the success of care. Upon your arrival to. The end of treatment you will advise, supported and monitored by qualified personnel.


MARIE-PAULE AVRAHAM Graduate medical secretary in France and Israel. It provides with competently as first secretary of the cabinet by his own experience, his dedication and professionalism.








Genia Kaastner

Genia Kaastner dental assistant and graduate assistant principal. She will care at the clinic to provide basic commodities qualite.Et will also be responsible for the sterility of the room, instruments, and proper functioning of the dental equipment.









Jane Wolfson

Jane Wolfson ane Wolfson Graduate dental assistant she has experience of more than twelve years. His presence will help dentists and patients to assist the smooth running of care






Berthe Yahya

Our hygienist Bertha Yahya School graduate Adassa Jerusalem It motivates patients good dental hygiene.

Les mèdecins

Dr. Martine Levy directs the clinic It performs the examination of the patient and monitoring the estimate, the majority of care and the prosthetic implant in the treatment.




Le Docteur Daniella Blinder

Dr. Daniella Blinder On completing his medical studies in 1981 in France and his specialty of maxillofacial surgery in 1988 in Tel Aviv She has worked as a specialist and chief of clinical ortho surgery Tel ha-Chomer.






SARAH SHPRINSAK, She finished her degree in dentistry in Buenos Aires in Argentina in 1979 She works primarily with childrens.

Our team will thus contribute to provide maximum comfort to patients are all means at our disposal to reduce patient anxiety All existing and new technologies present in the esthetic field will be offered to patients in order to comply with the experience the competence and professionalism of staff the patient will feel entirely reassured and confident.