Pain / Anxiety


He need have no fear

You are very likely to be afraid of the dentist and it varies from fear to the true phobia. Certains d'entre vous préfèrent souffrir et négliger leurs dents plutôt que d'aller se faire soigner (on parle de quinze pour cent de la population).La situation alors s'aggrave et le jour ou vous irez chez le dentiste en urgence tout sera plus complique et plus douloureux. Some of you prefer to neglect their teeth and suffer rather than seek treatment (known as five percent of the population). The situation gets worse and then the day you go to the dentist in any emergency will more complicated and more painful.
What do you fear?

  • The sting
  • Noise from the turbine for the care
  • The loss of control of the situation during the care
  • Fear of being in pain etc ...

Why do some people fear and others were not afraid at all?
They talk about childhood trauma, of education.
It should also talk about the important place the ball in your brain Oral

  • The third held by the hand and fingers
  • The third occupied by the mouth and tongue
  • The third by the rest

A foreign person (the dentist) leans on you and make any kinds of noisy instruments is inside your body (in this case your mouth). And that mouth is the third of the sensory information sent to the brain.

For children

Yet we live no longer has the time or clinics and dentists had a frightening aspect. Les soins y étaient effectues sans anesthésie. Treatments were carried out without anesthesia.

Your parents who had suffered from all this you have sent them often despite their fear with phrases like:

  • If you do not brush your teeth you'll go to the dentist.
  • Be courageous (as heard something bad will happen to you).
  • Do not be afraid (unconsciously he has the opposite effect). For example if someone asks you not to think of a white elephant that it happens?

We must not say:
  • Sting but anesthesia or sleep syrup.
  • Pain but discomfort.
  • Be brave but be patient.
Dentists are human beings and in most cases they do not want you badly. Quand le patient est tendu cette tension est fortement ressentie par le dentiste. When the patient is tense this tension is strongly felt by the dentist. Les statistiques parlent de durée de vie plus courte chez les dentistes et de suicides plus nombreux dans cette profession. Quel métier j'ai choisi? The statistics speak for shorter lifespan among dentists and suicide more likely in this profession. What a job I chose?


All means are good!

Here is a summary of the resources currently used in dentistry to reduce pain and anxiety.

  1. Anesthetic gum

    It presents itself as a gel, spray, or creme.On waits 30 seconds before the injection.

  2. Making Confusion

    Moving the cheek or lips of the patient to confusion. Le patient prêtera attention a la joue et non a la piqure The patient will pay attention to the play and not have the bite.

  3. Inject slowly and gently

    Ex: the wand over:
    Local anesthesia controlled by electronic injection, the practitioner takes the sting like a pencil. La pénétration dans le tissue exige moins de force et le taux de diffusion de la machine demeure toujours égal... The penetration into the tissue requires less force and the diffusion rate of the machine remains the same ...

    Patient satisfaction:

    • No numbness of the lips and cheeks.
    • Controlled release less than the threshold of pain.
    • Injection painless and comfortable for the patient.
    • Reduction of 75 to 80% of the fear experienced.
    • No needle deflection and less failure.
    • Action anesthetic deeper and longer lasting.
    • System has disposable.
    • Predictability of the effect on rational and.
    • No necrosis.
    • Reduction in most cases the amount of anesthetic.
    • Several injection techniques and new classics.
    • Patients satisfied with their friends tell their experiences.

  4. Using nitrogen gas or nitrous oxide and not only among children

    Even adults use it. Le gaz (protoxyde d'azote) produit un effet légèrement anesthésiant, un sentiment d'euphorie et on accorde moins d'importance a ce que l'on fait. The gas (nitrous oxide) produces a slight numbing effect, a feeling of euphoria and it gives less importance to what we do. Les recherches ont prouve que le gaz diminue la douleur comme un analgésique. Research has shown that the gas reduces the pain as an analgesic.
    The gas is on employment and the effect disappears a minute after that it has been edge.
    There is no hazardous aside the co2 and o2 that make up the surrounding air
    There are cases where things do not work

    • Claustrophobia
    • Respiratory Disease
    • Resistance and noncooperation

    Do not use in pregnant women and among non-cooperating.
    In general has inspired gas using a mask penetrates the body and produces the patient a sense of well being. Cette sensation va permettre au dentiste d'obtenir la coopération nécessaire pour effectuer un soin de qualité . This feeling will enable the dentist to obtain the cooperation necessary to make a quality health service.

  5. Ways to relax the atmosphere.

    Sophrology a calm and quiet tone in which the dentist will speak and the words used will cooperate to relax the patient.
    Similarly, the atmosphere felt in the clinic, the waiting room or the patient will not wait in fear but to entertain such a funny movie
    Also during the treatment a screen cap or glasses with embedded smart card or it may happen on film of his choice. Le port d'un mp3 pour écouter de la musique et non le bruit de la turbine est un moyen simple mais très efficace. Wearing an mp3 to listen to music and not the noise of the turbine is a simple but very effective.
    He who is not afraid is not normal, AC has nothing to do with courage (Sartres).

  6. Reflexology associated

    Reflexology is a medical discipline unconventional type massage.
    It is based on the premise that each organ or body part or physiological function corresponds to an area or a point on the hands, feet or ears
    A touch applied to these areas to locate the tension and restore balance to the body.
    Therapy can begin before and continue throughout the dental treatment. Si la peur provoque une contraction musculaire, le travail se concentre sur le système nerveux et on utilisera des techniques pour que les muscles se relaxent. If fear causes muscle contraction, the work focuses on the nervous system and will use techniques to relax the muscles.
    For nausea as labor begins before treatment, on the whole digestive tract of the vagus nerve and the diaphragm to act on the system nauseous.

  7. Respiration

    To improve mental and psychological balance the nervous system and respiratory muscle it is important that all patients try to breathe deeply to relax and unwind the various systems.
    There are many people who stop breathing when the dentist comes in with the jab and is a big mistake.

  8. Bach flowers

    They will help to temper this fear so that you do not return more with sweaty hands and legs bent at the dentist.
    To fight against panic, against fear of the dentist fear of evil or fear of vomiting
    It must take a combination of Bach flower

  9. Prescription Drug

    Valium 5 mg a stamp on the eve of the intervention and stamped one hour before the appointment
    Atarax 100mg \ 24 adults
    Theralene syrup in children 0.5 to 1 mg \ kg
    The presence of a supported person is required and driving is not authorized.

  10. Care under hypnosis

    Hypnosis is a situation where you can be naturally when you're very focused on one thing and that imagination dominates reality.
    Try to think about something good and you begin to salivate when you imagine something sour you pull a long face and you are plunged into a very sad movie you have tears in your eyes
    Hypnosis is also a situation that can be created with the help of a third person.
    In both cases the subject is disconnected from the reality surrounding while being present here but elsewhere there.
    In the dental surgery dental hypnosis facilitates allowing better control of pain, bleeding, salivation and can better fight against anxiety, nausea and bruxism reflex.
    There is full cooperation throughout the process between patient and doctor.

  11. Sedation

    It corresponds to a state control of depressed consciousness. Cet état n'est pas instantané et facilement réversible. This state is not instantaneous and easily reversible. IL peut être accompagne d'une perte partielle ou complète de la capacité de maintenir sa respiration de façon indépendante ou de répondre correctement a une stimulation physique ou a un ordre verbal. IT may be accompanied by a partial or complete loss of the ability to maintain his breathing independently or respond correctly to physical stimulation or verbal order.

  12. General anesthesia

    When it is really necessary?
    It is a treatment that is necessary when one is coming by any other means to treat the patient.On ne peut compter sur la coopération des patients chez un très jeune enfant par exemple ou chez un patient handicape physique ou mental. We can not rely on the cooperation of patients to a very young child, for example a patient or physical or mental handicaps.
    But under general anesthesia can happen to make very good quality care .
    After treatment the patient remains under surveillance a few hours and returns to the house.

  13. And most important

    explication du soin au patient The patient is afraid of the unknown and a good dentist must explain to the patient's course of care. Il doit donner de son temps et a l'aide d'images de films de textes expliquer et être sur d'avoir été compris. He must give his time and using film images of texts explain and be sure to have been understood.
    During this conversation, the dentist learns to know his patient and the patient's dentist.
    The incomprehensible is the most difficult.We do not support.
    We fear the inexplicable as the vacuum. (Louise Bouchard)

He need have no peur.Tous means are available to the patient. We just adapt to each patient the technique that works best.
The fear today is surmountable.