Bruxism ... ... ... Different Stress treatments


6% of French people are grinding their teeth!

6% of French people have this unconscious habit of grinding or clenching the teeth during the day or during sleep. Aside from chewing or swallowing moments when saliva teeth should not be in contact. When the dentist tells his patient that it discovers his problem with he will start from this moment, aware of the problem.

    When grits teeth:
  • The elevator muscles of the mandible are contracted.
  • The joints work.
  • Teeth are subjected to large forces. (The bone and gums can be damaged especially when hygiene is Insufficient.)


Inadequate occlusion was once considered one of the main factors of bruxism. Today it attaches great importance to the psychogenic or neurological (disruption of neurotransmitters like dopamine, but their role is less clear as they say.)

If bruxism symptoms will appear in one or more of these elements.

  1. Muscles
  2. ain in the face and skull irradiation level of neck and back was due to hypertrophy of the muscles used to bite the bullet. There is fatigue and difficulty waking up to fully open the mouth is called bruxism centered..

  3. Joints
  4. Cracking, click, deviation, limitation of mouth opening and locking between the mandible and the skull.

  5. Teeth
  6. Wear cracks with vertical fractures sometimes requires extracting the tooth As there grincement.des teeth is called bruxism offsets for moving the jaw. This is embarrassing for the person sleeping next door.

This is the weakest link which will yield.

Worn teeth bruxism.The teeth have lost half their height

Worn teeth bruxism.The teeth have lost half their height

Valve stress is an indicator of psychological problems.


It lasts as long as bruxism. The awareness is already starting treatment. It allows self-monitoring during the day.

  1. Installation of gutters

  2. Pose de gouttières This is the main treatment of pain and disjunctions of temporal mandibular device. The first trough was laid in 1901 (Karolyi) The groove is found in other areas such as orthodontics bleaching dentures etc.. In general medicine THEY treat headaches and migraines, the ronflements.les sleep problems. THEY protect teeth in athletes. There are different kinds of gutters that are differentiated by the material of which they are made by hard or soft silicone acryl. The work is performed by the prosthetist but verification of the occlusion is made in the mouth by the dentist. There are also preformed thermoplastic materials and adjusted according to the patient. There are gutters full or partial match to a centric. There are different opinions on the choice of soft or hard splint NTItss, which would be best for bruxism.

    • Gutter hard:
      This is the most common and it is the best on all occlusal surfaces of all teeth without special morphology (centric relation, through earlier, just the dog is affected in lateral and the 6 front teeth touch in profusion)
    • Gutter Silicone:
      More easy to prepare and support but are rapidly deteriorating. On all occlusal surfaces of all teeth can prepare a dental practice. Can not adjust or balance the occlusion with silicone soft. It seems that after the experiences of 'they have less impact than the hard shelter foremost teeth
    • NTItss:
      Innovative treatment inexpensive and compact trijeminall Nociceptive inhibition voltage suppression system Gutter partial Akryl made on two upper front teeth and is the two lower front teeth. There is no contact with the canines and posterior teeth in protrusive or lateral. It prevents tightening.And grinding teeth
  3. Stress

  4. This is the nonspecific response of the organism has any request is made. (Prof. Hans Selye)

    Theory of weak

    This is the weak link in the chain that first crack and the stress response will differ between individuals. The organism can be compared to a channel on which constantly draws and forces the chain breaks at the weakest link. We all have a smaller body than the others (this weakness relating to inheritance, to our previous illnesses in our power to our lifestyle) disease due to inadequate coping with stress will be different. For some This will be a headache, an ulcer, heart attack, mental depression, a disease of the skin hypertension ... ... etc.. bruxism and teeth grinding is also a consequence of stress

    • Sometimes only the stress:
      When the psychological tension persists as chronic stress in muscle relaxation time did not occur and the tension is maintained even while you sleep
    • Also associated with poor dental occlusion which causes an imbalance of secondarily powerful masticatory apparatus. Upsetting this balance affects the muscles of the face, jaw, head, neck and shoulders. So many joints will be affected including the TMJ mandibular

    The muscles of mastication are relative to their volume of the most powerful body. We swallow twice per minute awake and once per minute when we sleep. .In 24 hours we have on our teeth and our bodies a pressure of about 4 tons. If bruxism pressure increases to 20 tons and this overload produces adverse effects on the psychological and physiological level. A proportionally large area of the brain controls the muscles of the face and muscle imbalance where the brain is forced to adapt creating a permanent source of tension stress

    Stress treatment

    Muscle relaxation, sports and yoga, eating habits and lifestyle etc..
    Hypnosis and psychotherapy are also helpful to reduce stress

  5. Botulinum toxin injections

  6. In the most powerful jaw muscles (masseter and temporalis). This treatment in reducing the muscular strength of tic deconditioning In more complicated when bruxism is associated with pain in the temporomandibular joint mandibular beenprescribed medication(anti inflammatory)

  7. Physiotherapy

  8. Massage the jaw muscles and neck movements and exercises with forces.par example of the jaw against the pressure of the hand. Dans 68% des cas ca marche. In 68% cases it works.

  9. Surgery

  10. In 32% of cases, physical therapy does not work you have to go al surgery

Bruxism is a common problem and who often passed unnoticed.It may however cause damage point of view. Dental, eg fractures of teeth and implants. It may also have an impact at the macro level (headaches back pain etc..).The gutter is a treatment of choice but do not forget the fact that stress is responsible in most cases the onset of bruxism ... ...