Dentist and hygienist

Better safe than sorry

In 1844 an American newspaper was indignant that we give so much importance to the care and dental caries prevention has so little of these cavities.

But nothing changes yet!

Only 60 years later, in 1900, that Dr. Hyatt began to develop this idea and in 1911 Dr. Pons, also American, will train his assistants in this field.

Creation of the profession

It will create the terms of hygiene and dental hygiene profession. Irene Newman has been the first to teach patients the need to keep a clean mouth for healthy teeth. The first course for hygienists to open in summer 1913 and from this occupation. Was developed in the world. Next countries have different responsibilities summers distributed to hygienists.

Why not in France?

Only 16% of French say they are informed about dental hygiene. A five French brushing teeth less than once per day. The non-recognition of dental hygienistsis certainly a lot.Contrary to the dentist by asking too much care to spend time, the officer will explain to the patient at length the different techniques of brushing, flossing, etc.. ...
It exists in Israel about 2000 hygienists.

    Their role is preventive::
  • Checking the state of health of the patient
  • Inspection of the condition of mouth (teeth, gums and mucous membranes)
  • Measurement of periodontal pockets
  • Health Education
  • Projecting education in schools, retirement homes etc. ...
  • Laying operations dressing after removal of gum and son of suture
  • Polishing of fillings
  • Fluoride applications and filling cracks in preventive role.
  • Scaling and cleaning of tooth surfaces.
  • X-rays taken.
  • Council in eating habits for the prevention of caries
  • Role of explanation and encouragement to stop smoking

The first visit is the emergence of permanent teeth the patient is convened approximately every 6 months.In some cases (wearing braces, after the implant, or in the case of gum problems) it is Preferable to increase visits.

Why go to the hygienist

Contrary to popular belief it is important to go home early hygienist care to reduce bleeding and clean the gum to perform various fillings and impressions. The result will be significantly improved. Patients who consult regularly with the hygienist will solve the problems of bad breath, improve the aesthetics of his teeth increases its motivation to maintain a clean mouth and healthy.