Bad breath (halitosis)

If this is not a physical pain is still an important psychological problem that affects the individual itself but also its surroundings. This syndrome is caused by highly volatile compounds are suffering. The bacteria that produce them settle in the furrows hollow papillae on the posterior part of the language.And this especially during sleep

This may be a natural phenomenon. Saliva is less abundant during the night the bacteria multiply account for this bad smell in the morning. This episode may be a problem during an outbreak of oral and general It may be a chronic problem

The person concerned is not always aware.The problem is taboo and often dares not speak around The causes are multiple and diverse solutions. They can attach themselves to the cause of the abnormal multiplication of bacteria or only the symptoms (getting rid of them and the smell they emanate)


Lack of saliva has certain medications, aging, power supply: garlic, onion, cooked cheese, spices, sausages, coffee and alcohol tobacco gum disease, scaling, inflammation of oral tissues, fungal inflammation of the throat, sinuses of tonsils ear nose (common in nasal obstruction) Dental Problems (eg cavities and especially abscesses). Some diseases (gastro intestinal and renal failure) Digestive problems and ski acid


Oral Care

  1. Brushing your teeth and tongue daily. Use dental floss to remove food debris getting stuck between teeth. Use a tongue scrapers. Brush your gums and cheeks palace to kill bacteria
  2. Make an appointment with the doctor and the dentiste.Il are anti acid and anti reflux3
  3. There in pharmacies mouthwashes against bad breath spray pellets. Essentially based mint and eucalyptus they only mask for a few minutes odors.
    Lozenge for sore throat (in case of sore throat)
    The antibacterial mouthwash was based chlorexydine not advise a repeated use
  4. Some plants are effective
    • peppermint candy or chewing gum
    • the green tea in tea or candy
    • Parsley chewed
    • Sucking fruit of star anise
    • Fennel to take the form of seed
  5. Avoid foods such as causing bad odors.
  6. Cause the salivary flow by chewing gum, for example. And drinking acidic fruit juices.
  7. Hydrate Drink at least one and a half liters of water per day
  8. Stop smoking
  9. Regularly clean dentures and do not wear them at night

Bad breath is not a fatalite.C is a common phenomenon. But it is a taboo subject because few people want to talk. The person concerned must be informed because it can detect a health problem that must be milked


Many people are convinced they have a twisted bad breath. This phobia led to the isolation that can be dramatic. If you are persuaded that you have bad breath and that your friends do not confirm your fears without reassure you see your GP.